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In order to be able to evaluate the tests, we need something that can display the results. In Jmeter these are called Listeners.

The Listeners are used to display the results and give the possibility to save the results to a file or to load them back from a file. There are several types, in this article we will introduce you to two.

View Results Tree

View Results Tree is a Listener with a lot of data. We can also view the content of the request, response body and headers. It graphically indicates whether a request was successful or failed, and this is indicated to us by marking a green or a red shield. It also returns the response code. In addition to all of this, we also receive data such as the number of errors, the waiting time for a response, and the size of the data sent and received.


Summary Report

A simple and transparent table showing the most important data. In contrast to the View Results Tree, we do not see all specific requests here, only the aggregated data of the requests.

  • Samples (Number of virtual users)
  • Average (Average response time)
  • Min (Minimum response time)
  • Max (Maximum response time)
  • Std. Dev. (Standard deviation)
  • Error % (Ratio of errors)
  • Throughput (Indicates how many requests were executed in a given timeframe)
  • Received KB/s (Size of data recieved per sec)
  • Sent KB/s (Size of data sent per sec)
  • Avg. Bytes (Average size of requests)


Ready to finish the topic?
Not at all!

In the following blog entry we are going to look at how we can use Excel as a tool, to work on data to carry out the evaluation more easily.

But until then, we wish you good „Listener-ing”

Keep it going!



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