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emberek nagy csoportja pózol egy fényképhezSince 2006, we have been providing competitiveness and success to our customers on the increasingly quality-aware IT-market. Our cutting edge knowledge guarantees that software products are delivered in reliable and user-friendly shape to the demanding users.

In today’s pointed global competition, every company aims to develop software that is “smarter and cheaper”. However, even “smarter and cheaper” IT products face the requirement of excellent quality and perfect usability. Passed Informatikai Kft. fulfills all these demands by hiring out our professional knowledge to our customers.

The company that solely benefits from software testing as a service is more effective, and can take more responsibility than IT providers that consider providing “all in one” type service (e. g. software testing services, testing, applications / IT infrastructure support).

The owner of Passed Informatikai Kft. is a resident of Hungary, who also had been engaged to software testing before founding the company. Therefore he is able to make proper decisions in business as well as professional field. We deliver true values to multinational organizations and small enterprises alike. We offer broad skills and smart solutions of our area of industry to our customers, delivered in international quality service packages.

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Our working methods

Testing is a part of development process, so software testing process must suit perfectly in the course of development. After studying our partners’ development culture and methodology, our test-leads are capable of providing effective support in adjusting test processes precisely to the development.

If our customers have already introduced test supporting software, we apply them. On the other hand, we can choose and introduce other testing tools as well, on demand.

Quality awareness

We support the creation of quality products through the process from the design to the installation, by continuous testing work.


We define the demands and plan the tests for every single testing process. Based on the created test plans, we run the test cases and monitor the bugs. Testing processes are documented, so they are easily intelligible to other participants of the project.


The close relationship between development and testing makes it possible to join every single project at a point where the project plan and economic opportunities afford. The sooner this happens, the higher quality products can be delivered.

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If we want to integrate quality to the application to be developed, software testing must meet several crucial criteria at any cost.

az első számú fehér fekete alapon

We strive to realise a centralized system within testing, that is, every task and workflow should be documented in one single test management tool. This way, controversies and misunderstandings between developers, testers and other project members can be eliminated.

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In our opinion, only testing that was planned and launched parallelly with development can integrate quality in the product. Testing the ready code is insufficient; planning test steps must begin together with the definition of business requirements.

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Planned testing has an advantage of enabling us to continuously visualize the system as an entity.

a négyes szám fehérrel, fekete alapon

We emphasis the importance of both business and technical side of testing. It is insufficient to test only business processes with end users; testing the technical part with highly professional testers is also vital.

egy fekete-fehér fényképet, rajta az ötös számmal

We drive the creation and leadership of a compact testing team that is hierarchically separated from development, but is always willing to cooperate with developers.

Passed Informatikai Kft. has fulfilled not only domestic but numerous international contractions during the past 10 years.

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János Pongrácz

Managing Director

János has more than 20 years’ experience in software development and testing, and he actively takes part in IT activities as an expert. He has managed his software testing team since 2006. He sees training of colleagues for cutting edge competences and maximum customer satisfaction as key to success.

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