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We deliver real values Effective approach is our strength, based on our customers' needs 100% flexibility We combine the advantages of all the methods used Continuous improvement is our
driving force
We look for opportunities to provide something newer and better
Software Testing Audit

Auditing can cover the entire QA lifecycle. As a result we get more efficient processes… more

Software Testing

The tests should be planned in advance, and a combination of the different types of tests should be used… more

Test Automation

Automation increases productivity by reducing the required time … more


Since 2006, we have been providing competitiveness and success to our customers on the increasingly quality-aware IT-market. Our cutting edge knowledge guarantees that software products are delivered in reliable and user-friendly shape to the demanding users.

In today’s pointed global competition, every company aims to develop software that is “smarter and cheaper”. However, even “smarter and cheaper” IT products face the requirement of excellent quality and perfect usability. Passed Informatikai Kft. fulfils all these demands by hiring out our professional knowledge to our customers.

We bear primary values and principles in mind during the cooperation with our partners.

Passed Informatikai Kft. has followed these principles since 2006. This helped us gain good reputation as a trustworthy testing company in software testing field.


Our team is committed to quality
we only deliver quality projects with high level responsibility.

Trust and respect
these are our primary values in our customer relationships.

Cutting edge solutions
we are aware of the newest technologies in the realm of software testing.

We understand our customers’ demands
we assure suitable and flexible terms of cooperation to our customers, and we strive to adapt to their demands.

we handle our customers’ information confidentially.

Passed and what is behind

years of software testing
qualified test engineer
success projects
strategic partners
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