Software Testing

Software testing tasks can be grouped by different aspects. We can talk about black-box, grey box, white-box testing, or automatic and  manual tests. But often they are just referred to as the types of functional, integration, regression tests. Whatever you cluster them, whatever names they are given, the meaning of software testing is unchanged: it aims to raise the quality of the product to a higher level by uncovering its flaws.

The tests should be planned in advance, and a combination of the different types of tests should be used to achieve the right result! (There are only one or two exceptional test types of the test design, such as exploratory testing, where we cannot determine systematic steps .) The tasking is continuously documented, so the one hand, we get an accurate picture of the quality status of the products, on the other hand, our work can be seen by customers.

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What are testing tasks that are our customers entrust us with?

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge in the use of various types of testing. This knowledge is utilized in our further projects for our future clients. Software testing process is fundamentally diverse, some types of which rarely comes to the forefront, but there are some types that we need to stand for in almost any project. Our Clients often ask us to develop and perform the most common types of tests: functional, integration, regression, process, performance and safety tests.

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