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Test Automation Services
  • unit test
  • smoke test
  • sanity test
  • test of integration
  • test of interfaces
  • test of system
  • regression test
  • end user acceptance test
  • web services
  • 3rd party software
  • API
  • critical paths
  • availability of API
  • availability of system services
  • internet browser compatibility
  • platform testing
  • mobile testing
Benefits of automatization

Faster time to market

Reduce time spent on testing, automated tests can be completed anytime and anywhere freely and quickly.

Improving the quality of products

The automated tests eliminate possible human errors – automated tests can discover cases which could be overlooked by a real person.

Optimize your inspection activities

Automated tests are useful to save time for the testers, and allow them to focus on extra functions where manual testing required.

Increases productivity

Automation increases productivity by reducing the time and human resources used in repetitive tasks.

Improved test coverage

The test automation, in contrast to manual testing, results greater test coverage when processing of large amounts of data or large amount of test cases are required.

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